Make-Ahead Mealtime Magic

March 7th, 2012

Preparing meals ahead of time can be a labor-intensive task.  But when dinner comes together just right, it’s a wondrous thing.

We had meatloaf with twice-baked potatoes and green beans for dinner tonight.  I spent 20 minutes in the kitchen.  SCORE!

I made the meatloaf last night.  I even baked it so today I would only have to re-heat.  And I don’t want to brag, but I make a wicked good meatloaf.  I probably shouldn’t get too cocky about it, though, since I slavishly follow a recipe from the Sneaky Chef.  It’s healthy meatloaf.  Rolled oats.  Wheat germ.  Spinach.  My kids love it.  Or maybe they just love ketchup.  But in either case, they wolf it down like I haven’t fed them in weeks.

The potatoes were already lurking in my freezer, left-over from a previous freezer-cooking binge.  I defrosted them overnight then threw them in the oven when I got home.

The only real prep work I did was the beans.  Plus I doubled the meatloaf recipe, divided it into three loaves and froze two for future meals.  Magic!

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    Nice to read your blog

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