Say Yes to Vegetables

March 31st, 2012

I have a confession to make: I don’t really like vegetables.

Oh, I talk a good game about being a healthy eater and I often think of myself as a vegetable-eater but when you get right down to it, I really only like a handful.  Corn, carrots, red peppers, and peas are fabulous.  Butternut squash and pumpkin are my new best friends.  I came late to broccoli, but we’re fast friends now.  And I could probably eat my body weight in green beans.

But that’s really it.  And I realized that I wasn’t eating many veggies of late — too many dinners included fruit salad.  I like a good fruit salad but it was time to be proactive about veggies.

Thus my new goal is to serve a vegetable with dinner every night.  Whether it’s a bowl of peas, some cooked carrots, or even (yes, I admit it) broccoli slaw (which is only sort of a vegetable), I’m trying to include veggies in every dinner plan.

Lucky for me, it’s strawberry season, which means I can always fall back on a favorite: mixed greens with feta cheese and strawberries and balsamic vinaigrette.   I could eat that every day.  And I currently am.

5 responses to “Say Yes to Vegetables”

  1. Jenny Tomkins says:

    Hi Kate,

    Y’know I’d been wondering about you and veggies. I was pleased with myself that I exercised enough self control not to send a huffy note about the pic you posted a few days ago of the dinner table. It looked so midwest and boring. What I wanted to write was “this is all brown and white. Where are all the greens and oranges and purples that (to me) make a meal look exciting.” I am glad and gladdened by today’s colorful offering.

    In with raw veggies and out with cup cakes. Yuk. Hate cup cakes. Now cookies are a different matter. But we won’t go there. Or to the subject of Ollies….

    And here is a gift to you: Are you tuned in to Krista Tippett “On Being”. If not, I heartily recommend, and particularly taoday’s offering — an interview with Sylvia Boorstein who is a Jewish Buddhist Psychotherapist — and grandmother. She has some wonderful thoughts on parenting and kindness. I think you will enjoy.



    • Kate says:

      Ha ha. I cower before your vegetable prowess, Jenny! I wasn’t aware of Krista Tippett but I’ll look forward to checking her out. Thanks!

  2. Isa says:

    How do you feel about greens? I love them, but especially chard–it’s sweeter than the others, and a good gateway veg. Beets and parsnips, too, but those are more about sugar than anything else. Mmm…I can’t wait for farmer’s market season!

  3. Isa says:

    Honestly I like to wash them off, chop them up roughly, and throw them into a frying pan until they wilt. Then squeeze half a lemon over them and a little salt and pepper. You can also throw them into risotto right at the end (chopped smaller). Even Stephanie will eat them with the lemon juice, and she’s wary of many a veg.

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