The Secret to Getting Dinner on the Table

March 26th, 2012

table (This is obviously not my table.
My table never looks that fancy.)

Packing leftovers in your lunch is a noble goal, but it only works if you actually make dinner in the first place.  There are days when a home-cooked meal is a dream and nothing more (and really, on those days, who doesn’t love French toast sticks for dinner?) but I have found one little piece of night-before prep work that makes a world of difference for me.

Defrost your meat.

My dinner-making odds rise dramatically when I take the time to get the meat out of the freezer and into the fridge the night before.   Coming home to thawed meat waiting to be cooked is emotionally far less daunting to me than the prospect of digging through the freezer and then defrosting a hunk of something for dinner.

The difference in time is minimal.  Thanks to the wonders of microwaves, it really doesn’t take that long to defrost meat on-the-spot if you need to.  But it feels longer.  It feels like it takes a long time and sometimes that little bit of mental hesitation is all it takes to push us over the edge into a pizza night instead of a pork chops and potatoes night.

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