Countdown to Grace

April 20th, 2012

The paper chain in the living room is getting shorter and suddenly our move is looming.  We’re all in countdown mode, though I think we each have our own personal finish line.

Josh is counting down to a new calling, a chance to grow in ministry and be challenged by new experiences and opportunities.

I’m counting down to a change in lifestyle, a slower pace, a more connected community, more time with my kids, and fresh veggies from the garden.

Miss Mouse is counting down to Grace.

Grace is seven and a member of our new church.  The two girls met and bonded when we visited the congregation in February.  My daughter was smitten with the instant adoration only a slightly older female can engender in a small girl.

When we informed Miss Mouse of the impending move, she immediately deduced/decided that we’d be living with her friend Grace.  (Which is all it took for her to embrace the move wholeheartedly.)  To keep Miss Mouse enthused and engaged, we’ve encouraged the girls  to keep in touch and they’ve exchanged a couple very sweet cards.

Miss Mouse sent one to Grace, covered in Tinkerbell stickers and the cheerful scribbles of a preschooler.

She received one in turn, decorated with a drawing of two little girls in pig-tails and University of Kentucky shirts, captioned with the words: “Best Freinds” (yes, spelled like that, which just made it cuter).  Miss Mouse treasures her card from her new best friend and I’m grateful for the tangible reminder of where we’re going and the good things waiting for us there.

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