In which I discover that Disney is scary

April 7th, 2012

Miss Mouse had a sleepover at my parents’ house last  night.  It was her first time sleeping away from home without mom or dad on hand.  She did great — I got a little choked up.  My folks pulled out all the stops to make the night special.  There was pizza for dinner, followed by an amazing Easter egg cookie.

And Miss Mouse got to help Nana make breakfast this morning.

But the main attraction was that Miss Mouse got to watch a movie.  This Was Huge.  We just don’t do movies and TV with the kids.  Miss Mouse and Buggie like to watch home videos on the computer but that’s really it.  Miss Mouse had only ever watched one movie before — snippets of Toy Story one day a couple months ago while she was home sick from school.

My plan had been to send along a Disney movie, but I encountered a problem.   Disney movies are scary.

Okay, I know they’re rated G.  And I used to mock the people who sheltered their kids from Disney movies, but every one I considered had some really scary parts.  The wolves at the beginning of Beauty and the Beast?  Monstrous.  The hyenas and Scar and the whole stampede/murder thing in Lion King?  Awful.  And don’t get me started on the scene where Jafar turns into a giant snake in Aladdin.

Just try to tell me that isn’t the stuff of nightmares.

I was concerned that, since Miss Mouse never watches TV, these scenes would be particularly scary to her.  It’s possible I’m nuts.  I admit that.  But I still sent only Toy Story and Fantasia.  (And, it turned out that she was bored by Toy Story and instead watched the Mickey Mouse Sorcerer’s Apprentice vignette in Fantasia three times in a row.)

3 responses to “In which I discover that Disney is scary”

  1. G'Mom says:

    We loved having her! She was so good. When can we do it again? (Of course I realize that I may have to watch Mickey Mouse a dozen more times…)

  2. April says:

    I once held a kid (older than yours) through most of Monsters, Inc. Poor thing.

  3. Jaclyn says:

    Yikes. Never show her 101 Dalmations. The boys were so afraid of Cruela DeVille that they refused to sleep with the light off for weeks.

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