Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mouse

April 23rd, 2012

After years of smiling appreciatively at pages of artistic scribble, I suddenly realized that — seemingly overnight — Miss Mouse has actually started drawing real pictures.   Her hand-eye coordination is improving and she’s able to produce recognizable objects.  It’s a fun new development!

Miss Mouse’s favorite artistic genre is portraiture.  Below we have a self portrait as well as a thoughtful rendering of yours truly.  You can tell us apart, obviously, by the differing hair length.  Mine is a nice, short (flat) toupee, while her own image captures her flowing locks.  You can tell she’s proud of the fact that she has the longest hair in the family!

One response to “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mouse”

  1. Just don’t ever let her near her brother with scissors! My bro and I used to give each other’s bangs a cut that look just like your “toupee” rendering! Bravo to her artwork!

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