The Cutthroat World of Party Games

April 30th, 2012

I’m competitive by nature.  I like to win and I make no apologies for it.  It does make me sad that my husband refuses to play board games with me, but we’ve discovered through trial and error that this is in the best interest of our marriage.

I discovered this weekend that there are few things which bring out my inner competitor like…

…baby shower games.

Look, I know what you’re thinking.  It’s a baby shower.  It’s sappy and sweet and fun and silly and the games are generally dumb so what’s the big deal?

I have no idea.  But this weekend I found myself at a baby shower for my sister-in-law and my killer instinct came with me.

It started with word games.  I love word games and I take no prisoners.  First up: a Scattergories-type exercise where you were to list as many words as possible in a two-minute span that began with the letter “T.”  The clock was ticking, my adrenaline was rushing, and my pencil was flying.  *DING!*  52 words.  VICTORY!

Some people might have sat back demurely during the next word game, content to let someone else share in the glory (and the awesome prizes).  Some people are weenies.

Next up: anagrams.  How many words can you spell using only the letters found in the baby’s name?  Answer: 46.  SHAZZAM!  (Another prize for me!)

Here’s where it got out of control.  I had two prizes.  They were nice tea-themed prizes (the shower was a tea party), but I really didn’t need or want them, given our pending move.  And I certainly didn’t need any more…

…but there were more games.

We moved on to family trivia and the competitor’s drive got stronger.  This was a family shower and I’m only an in-law so that made me the underdog and made the victory sweeter.  Two more prizes quickly followed.  BAM!

By that time, the other party guests were eyeing my swag jealously, but fortunately we ran out of games and time and called it a day.  I walked away, Champion of the Shower Games, flushed with the taste of victory…and raspberry pistachio tea cakes.  Mmmmm.

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