The Hair Salon

April 2nd, 2012

Buggie and Miss Mouse have a new game: they do each other’s hair.

Miss Mouse has (finally) embraced the concept of hair styling and likes for me to do ponytails and pigtails and braids and whatnot.  She also just likes to have her hair played with, so perhaps it’s no surprise that she’s taught her brother to indulge her.

Buggie, do my hair,” she’ll command, plunking down in front of him.  And darned if he doesn’t oblige.  His styling tool of choice is a pair of plastic forks and he dutifully sticks them into her hair.  She thinks it’s hysterical.

The stylist prepares.

The stylist at work.

When the tables are turned, however, Buggie is less certain that he’s a fan of the game.  While he does have a fondness for playing with Miss Mouse’s hair accessories (usually by dumping them into a heap on the floor), he’s less sure that he wants her to put them in his hair…

The stylist flees.


One response to “The Hair Salon”

  1. Careful to keep any type of scissors away from the salon…I can’t tell you how many times my younger brother and I wound up with quarter inch bangs just because mom turned her back for a second! ha!

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