Where Everybody Knows Your House

April 5th, 2012


And now, a brief vignette in what I suspect will become an ongoing series around the theme of — “You know you live in a small town when…

I’d been told that the wee country town we’re moving to didn’t have home mail delivery (on account of its aforementioned wee-ness) and so I called the post office yesterday to inquire about setting up a post office box.  I had a lovely conversation with a nice lady named Regina that went something like this.

Me: Hi there!  My husband and I will be moving to SmallTownUSA next month.  I understand there isn’t home delivery of mail.  Can you tell me how to set up a post office box?

Regina: Well, that’s true.  We don’t deliver to SmallTownUSA.  But the SlightlyLargerTownUSA post office delivers to some addresses.  Whereabouts will you be living?

Me: I’m not positive of the address.  My husband’s going to be the new pastor of CountryChurch and we’re going to live in the parsonage.

Regina: Oh!  CountryChurch.  Yeah, I know where your house is.  Hey, Sally* does SlightlyLargerTownUSA post office deliver to CountryChurch?

Sally: Yeah, I think they do.  But that house doesn’t have a mailbox.  They’ll need to get one.

Me: Why, thank you!

And that’s how you know you live in a small town.

*Her name wasn’t really Sally.  I can’t remember what it was.

**Photo by Glen_Wright

8 responses to “Where Everybody Knows Your House”

  1. Papu says:

    Perhaps you only need to call the Post Office to ask what was in your mail. No need for delivery at all! Now, that’s small town living.

  2. There is nothing so joy-inducing than a small-town post office. It’s like “Cheers” without the beer.

  3. Mandi says:

    They should write a state play about it. It would be great!

  4. Mandi says:


  5. In your honor, Kate: http://wp.me/p1FWrn-g6
    Today’s blog is about loving small town post offices.

  6. April says:

    I once got mail delivered to me and the only right things in the address were my zip code and my name. Small town post offices are the best. (All the other parts of the address were actually my college address, bizarre.)

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