Farewell with Garden Sprinkles

May 8th, 2012

This is the kids’ last week at daycare and we’ve been making plans for how to wind things down for Miss Mouse.  I’m quite sure that she doesn’t truly grasp that her friends from school won’t be coming to Kentucky with us, and when she does start to have an inkling, she gets sad.  This is the tough part of moving.

But she’s cheered by the prospect of bringing treats to school on Friday and I’m working on assembling a photo album of pictures of her daycare buddies.  Her teachers are helping to ensure that everyone is duly photographed being cute with Miss Mouse and then I’ll give her the album on Friday.

I’m also working on farewell tokens for the teachers themselves.  I’ve lamented before the difficult nature of teacher gifts, but this time I’m thrilled with my choice.

There’s a super cool company that sells super cool plant-based gifty things.  Seed packets in funky bags.  Mini-bonzais.  Herb gardens in bamboo boxes.  I picked up a bunch of so-called “garden sprinkles” which are wildflower seeds in small round tins.  They come in a zillion varieties with different things on the outside, but the one I selected (a flower called tagetes patula or French marigold) says “thank you” on the tin.

I’m going to tape the tins to a small square of cardstock on which I’ve printed the words “Thanks for helping out children grow!”  They weren’t too expensive and I just love the garden-growing/child-raising metaphor.

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