Finding Our Stride

May 30th, 2012

We’ve been here almost two weeks and I feel like we’re settling in.  There are still a couple boxes mocking me in the den but otherwise we’re all unpacked.  The kiddos started at their new ‘school’ this week and I dragged my mind back to the working world.

Thanks to the wonders of telecommuting, I’m still working for the same fabulous nonprofit I worked for in Pittsburgh.   Miss Mouse and Buggie will spend three days each week playing with their friends at daycare while I do Public Relations work, including writing newsletters, publishing web content, and cultivating media relations.  It’s the part of my job I always liked best and I can do it in my PJs.  It’s a pretty great setup.

I felt like life was going too fast in Pittsburgh and I wanted to spend more time with my children.  But I love working too much to stay home full time.  I’m hoping that the three day work week will be a better balance for me.

So far, we’re in a good rhythm.  We roll out of bed around 7am (blissfully late for me!) and I drop the kids at school by 8:30.  Josh heads to work at 9am and I put in four to five hours of work.  In between, there’ s time to tidy the house, start dinner preparations, and read a book over lunch.  I get the kids around 4:30 and we head to the park or the pool .  Dinner around 6:15 and then a post-dinner ramble through our town — two kids, two parents, and a dog.  This evening, we ran into three separate groups of church members, chatted with a field of cows, and met a new neighbor when Miss Mouse stopped to pet their kittens with their young daughter.

On “off” days, we’ve been enjoying the sunshine.  I’d lost track of just how cloudy Pittsburgh is until we arrived somewhere else!  We went hiking last Friday, planted flowers over the weekend, and spent Memorial Day at the pool.  There’s a county fair this weekend and we’re hoping to go camping.

I think it’s safe to say that thus far, Kentucky agrees with us!

2 responses to “Finding Our Stride”

  1. […] of the main reasons that my part-time work schedule is feasible is that day care is cheap down here.  Really cheap.  Less than half what it is in […]

  2. […] It was awesome!  Our campsite was only about 15 minutes from the kids’ daycare and we had the place to ourselves.  Such is the beauty of camping on a weeknight and is yet another reason why I’m loving our new life rhythm. […]

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