Getting Settled

May 20th, 2012

My husband’s family moved a lot while he was growing up.  A lot.  12 houses in his first 24 years of life, a lot.  So it’s no surprise that they are expert movers.  They’ve got the process down to a science and one of the central tenants of their moving philosophy is to unpack everything.  Immediately.

Thus it was that the moving truck arrived at our new house Wednesday morning and by the time the kids and I arrived Thursday morning all the furniture was roughly where it belonged, the bookshelves were filled, the DVDs all organized, and the linens unpacked.  It was pretty impressive.

I was spurred on my Josh’s relentless vigor and by this morning, our living room looked like this:

Not bad.  It feels like home!  I judge a room complete when there’s artwork on the walls so for now, only the living room is “done” but I believe there are only about half a dozen boxes to unpack yet in other areas so I think we’re in the home stretch!

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