Milkshakes and Melons

May 21st, 2012

I got my first — “are ya’ll from around here?” — question today.  It was kindly offered by a gentleman I met at the local convenience store/pizza parlor.  We were checking out the offerings of our small hamlet and had popped into The Depot as part of an after dinner walk. I don’t think that baby backpacks and jogging strollers are hugely common around these parts!

But the milkshakes we’d seen advertised were yum, and everyone in the family indulged.

Earlier in the day, we’d enjoyed a lazy afternoon of eating watermelon on the porch, watching the cars go by.  The kids polished off about half a large watermelon between them, with Buggie doing much of the heavy lifting.  Er, chewing.

Miss Mouse and my mom invented a new game where they sat with eyes closed and tried to identify the type of vehicle passing by based on its sound.  Truck?  Car?  Tractor?  Even the occasional train, thundering by just down the road.  It was fun.  Very much the sort of slow country memories I’m hoping to create down here!

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