Prelude to the Pack

May 2nd, 2012

My friends and co-workers ask me daily “how the packing is going.”

It’s going.


We’ve begun corralling our possessions, packing the easy items — like our many books — in fits and starts at night after the kids are in bed. But I confess that I haven’t really gotten serious about packing it all up quite yet.  I’m taking Friday off work to devote myself to the endeavor, but in the meantime, I’ve been laying the groundwork by systematically inventorying (and purging) as many areas as I can.

I am absolutely determined not to pack and move random crap just because it’s sitting around.  I only want to move things that we a) use, b) love, or c) are saving for deeply sentimental reasons.  I don’t have a lot of free time in the evenings after I get the kids in bed, pick up the house a bit, and work out.  But I’ve managed to go through a lot of our belongings and get them sorted.

The other night, I tackled the medicine cabinet.  This might not seem like a hotbed of excess, but — just like when I organized the cookie cutters — I’m a big believer in baby steps.

So I checked expiration dates and pitched old medicine.  I tossed partial bottles of hand-cream and determined that we really didn’t need to keep all four of the heating pads I found in the linen cupboard.   The baby cream that gave the kids a rash finally landed in the waste basket, and I unearthed two pairs of old prescription eyeglasses to donate.

I managed to cull a bag of trash and a small pile of donate-able goods.  Every bag of junk that winds up in the garbage or Goodwill instead of my new house is a victory in my book!  Plus, when I do get serious about packing, I’ll be confident that what’s left in the house is ready to be boxed up, no decision-making required.  I’m hoping that speeds the process along.

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