Why I Bought the Big Table

May 27th, 2012

When we were picking out furniture for our new home, I insisted on buying a gigantic dining room table.  We ended up with a lovely pine piece with an antique stain that can easily seat eight and expands to handle 12 in a pinch.  Why did I need such a monstrosity for my family of four?

That’s why.

When we began the search for a new church home, I knew that I wanted to join a community.  I want my church family to be part of my life, not just my Sunday mornings.

We always meant for that to be the case at our old church, but somehow it never happened.  First I was pregnant and too nauseous to have people over.  And then I had a baby.  And then work kept me busy and exhausted.  And then.  And then.  And then.  And then it was four years later and we had never really formed the bonds I had hoped for.

Now I know that communities don’t just happen.  You have to foster them, nurture them, and put effort into helping them grow.  So we invited a bunch of church members — folks who served on the search team that brought us here — over for a potluck dinner this evening.

In addition to the nine lovely people pictured above, we had five kids rampaging through the house.   When you add in me, that’s 15 people.  Now that’s what I call a dinner party!

It was easier than it sounds.  Everyone helped out with dinner, bringing delicious additions to our base of pulled pork sandwiches.  I parked eight adults and a teen boy at the dining room table, and set up additional seating in the adjoining kitchen.  Miss Mouse, Buggie, and I shared a card table with a seven-year-old girl while a pair of pre-teen boys perched at our bar-height butcher block on stools.  We piled food on the sideboard buffet, kept drinks on the counter in the kitchen, and said “excuse me” a lot as we danced around each other while getting up for seconds!

It was a night of good food, good fellowship, and the beginnings of good friendships.

3 responses to “Why I Bought the Big Table”

  1. Rose says:

    Sigh, Kate, you just named the number one thing I miss about living in small town Red Lodge, Montana–spontaneous potluck parties full of friends and friendship, laughter and fun. I’m glad you are discovering it (making it happen) there!

  2. K.C. Wise says:

    Beautiful! So glad you’re loving slower living! Looks and sounds like it was a great gathering (and one of the first of MANY) in your small-town parsonage, forging new bonds as you do so well….

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