In which we go camping. At last.

June 9th, 2012

I’ll be the first to acknowledge it: we could have gone camping with the kids while we lived in Pittsburgh.  I had friends who did it regularly.  But we never did.  It always just felt like such a big production.  We were urban dwellers and “nature” felt like a long way off.

We had the best of intentions, I swear.  When Josh and I got married, one of my favorite wedding gifts was a tent.

We used it once.  Sigh.

But we’re country folk now, and country folk camp.  Determined not to let inertia drag us down, we packed up the kids, the dog, and a mountain of gear and went camping Thursday night.  (Pop quiz: what’s the opposite of traveling light?  Answer: camping with kids.)

It was awesome!  Our campsite was only about 15 minutes from the kids’ daycare and we had the place to ourselves.  Such is the beauty of camping on a weeknight and is yet another reason why I’m loving our new life rhythm.

We pitched our tent near a nice playground, then headed to the pool for a late afternoon splash.  (Parental hidden agenda: exhaust the children so they’ll sleep in the tent.)  We grilled hamburgers and sat at the picnic table to eat dinner – with watermelon, of course!

Then it was time to toast ‘smores (not that either kid ate them as such — they just wanted to eat chocolate and stuff their little chipmunk cheeks with marshmallows).

After dinner, we went for a walk through the campsite then chased fireflies until it got dark.  By 9:30, we headed for bed.  The kids wrestled and giggled and jumped on each other for about a half an hour until we separate them, at which point Buggie was asleep in five seconds flat.  Miss Mouse took a little longer, but conked out eventually.  Nobody cried.  It was a miracle.

An even bigger miracle occurred in the morning when the kiddos slept until 7:30am despite the deafening chorus of birdsong and the sunlight streaming into the tent.  We took a short hike in the morning after a gourmet breakfast of donut holes and headed home.

I’m totally inspired to do it again!


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  1. April says:


  2. Aunt Betty says:

    One of the advantages of Pastor/Pastor Wife…the “weekend” runs Thur – Sat (if no Sat. PM service) and there are always good camping spots available on Thursday night! Unfortunately, our first camping this year won’t be until mid August!

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