Stay at Home Family

June 17th, 2012

As Josh and I contemplated our future and searched for a new church, one of my stipulations was that I wanted us to find a situation where I didn’t have to work full time.  I wanted to spend more time with the kids because I felt like their babyhood was flying by at an alarming rate.

So now I’m spending one day (including one verrry long hour) a week one-on-one with the kiddos and also doing family bonding time on Fridays which is Josh’s day off.  I’ve learned something already:

I love spending time with my kids…and my husband.

The best days for me are days we spend together — all four of us.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy flying solo.  I just like it better when I have my partner at my side.

There are practical reasons, of course.  Two kids are easier to handle when there are two adults present.  It’s a matter of man defense versus zone.  And Miss Mouse tends to be sweeter for her dad than her mom (little booger — I birthed her).  And I magically acquire more patience when I have Josh around to remind me to take deep breaths.

But most of all, I just like spending my days with my whole family.  We have a great time together.  We go for hikes.  We go to the pool.  We go camping.  We take long walks around our neighborhood and moo at the cows.  We’re together.

My new dream is a scenario where we can be a stay-at-home-family.  Who wants to work?  Time to play the lottery, perhaps!

3 responses to “Stay at Home Family”

  1. K.C. says:

    Days with both my boys are my favorites, and I second you on that lottery-winning idea!

  2. Jenny says:

    Come to Italy! Two young families I have met have exchanged a conventional 21st century lifestyle for one closer to nature. One family has a saffron farm; the other is running a mixed farm here. Hard work, but everyone is home. If you come, we’ll help on the farm:-)

    • Kate says:

      Oooh! I love it. My best friend and her fiance are in the process of relocating to Kentucky. She wants to farm. Maybe I can talk her into sharing one with us!

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