Toes and Herbs and Summer Tunes

June 21st, 2012

Basil Leaves

Our summer of bliss rolls on.  Here’s what I’m loving this week:

1) Cooking with fresh basil from my garden.  So far I’ve made tomato basil flat bread, basil chicken with coconut milk, and a Mediterranean tuna bean salad (with fresh basil, of course).

2) My daughter’s pinkly-painted toenails.  I want to kiss them.  I resist, lest my husband never kiss me again.

3) The ridiculous assortment of genres and eras that makes up the public swimming pool soundtrack.

4) Cheap gas — $3.19 a gallon around these parts.

5) Making a new friend…and discovering that we have at least half a dozen shared acquaintances back in Pittsburgh!

6 responses to “Toes and Herbs and Summer Tunes”

  1. Dad says:

    Small town, small world. It really works!

    • Kate says:

      It was absolutely amazing, the number of connections we ended up having. Her best friend from high school was at Beloit at the same time as me, though we didn’t cross paths. Insane!

  2. G'Mom says:

    Tell me that’s a canned picture and not your basil! It’s way prettier than mine.

  3. Jaclyn says:

    THAT GAS IS SOOOOOOO CHEAP!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

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