A Spontaneous and Fun Splash Fest

July 1st, 2012

Given that it’s a million degrees here, we’re doing what we can to stay cool.  This often involves water-based activities.  We have access to a variety of great swimming options, from a terrific community pool to a lovely in-ground pool at a church member’s house.  But for spontaneous fun, we turn to the little inflatable pool in the backyard.

By now, the seasoned parents in the crowd are already chuckling to themselves, waiting for the punch line.

Spontaneous?  With kids?  Surely you jest.

When we want to play in the pool outside, here’s the checklist:

Inflate pool.

Fill pool with water.

Round up pool toys: rubber ducks, buckets, sand castle molds, shovels, inflatable fish, balls, etc.

Help Miss Mouse into swimsuit.

Put on own swimsuit.

Uncap sunscreen for Miss Mouse so she can start slathering up.  (She adores sunscreen.)

Apply own sunscreen.

Sit on Buggie to apply sunscreen, ignoring irate squawks and attempts by same to bite your hand.

Stop Miss Mouse from coating her legs in yet another layer of sunscreen.  Double-check her application and add more to her face.

Insert Buggie into swim diaper. (Note that this must come near the end of the process as swim diapers are only meant to catch sold materials, a fact we discovered to our detriment the first time we let him ride to the community pool already wearing his pool attire.)

Insert Buggie into swim trunks.

Insert Buggie into protective UV-repelling swim top.  (Look, the kid is practically transparent.  I’m taking no chances.)

Sit on Buggie and insert earplugs.

Repeat after he pulls them out.

Strap neoprene headband around Buggie’s ears to hold plugs in.

Find water shoes for Buggie.  (He refuses — refuses!! — to walk around barefoot outside.)

Bathroom break for Miss Mouse.

Find towels.

Fill a water bottle.

Grab a snack.

Head out the door.


2 responses to “A Spontaneous and Fun Splash Fest”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Be sure and bring all this gear with you next week – we will have a backyard pool!

  2. Cindi Frye says:

    Holy cow, I don’t recall it being all that diffucult. No swim diapers, for sure, and probably no sunscreen either. Thankfully, no ear plugs. Man, with 7, I was blessed. Still am!
    Admittedly, not all were small at the same time. The sheer numbers did account for a lot of other stuff, however…

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