Doing What Comes Naturally

July 11th, 2012

Sometimes, when you’re a parent, situations spiral out of your control.  Take this afternoon.  My kids were playing outside in the wading pool, splashing and being silly.  Buggie suddenly exits the pool and squats in the grass with a look of intense concentration.

Uh oh.  I know that look.

Instead of whisking him inside to a) sit on the potty or b) put on a diaper, I (foolishly) offer to pull his trunks down, allowing him to do his business unencumbered.  He readily agrees…

…and then Miss Mouse announces her intentions as well and pulls down her swimsuit.

Uh oh.

So now they’re both squatting in the grass half-dressed.  Then Miss Mouse decides she needs some privacy and marches to another backyard location.

But Buggie likes to be near his big sister, so he stands up and waddles after her, swim trunks around his ankles, winkie flapping in the breeze.

Oh dear.

I finally removed their clothes entirely and let them run around the backyard naked for a while.  I’m not sure quite how it all happened.  It really wasn’t my intention to let my kids frolic in the nude while (possibly) performing bodily functions!  I’m not that sort of mother.

Well, apparently I am.

The number one rule of vacation parenting: if it’s not dangerous, go with it.

6 responses to “Doing What Comes Naturally”

  1. K.C. says:

    Thank you, Kate — this post made me laugh aloud! There’s something about the word “winkie” and the progression of events that combined to give me a great guffaw. Sometimes you just have to go with your kids’ whims!

  2. Josh says:

    I respectfully disagree.

  3. Mandi says:

    Oh, and I can see them now…

  4. Jenny says:

    Very funny Kate. (Smile, Josh! Nakedness os good; it was just that apple-eating episode that spoiled it all….)

  5. Donnie says:

    Funny, because I was doing the same thing in my backyard earlier today

  6. G'Mom says:

    And we have some fabulous pictures to prove this happened.

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