Bad Kitty on Endless Repeat

August 12th, 2012

After much inner debate, I’ve instituted Saturday Night Movies with Miss Mouse.  After Buggie’s in bed, she’s allowed to watch 30 minutes of a movie of her choice with Josh and me before we pack her off to bed.  She loves it.  Her favorite movie is “Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue.”  You probably haven’t seen it.  Unless, of course, you have a daughter under the age of seven in which case you probably have.  Repeatedly.

In any case, it’s absolutely fascinating to see what an almost-four-year-old who doesn’t watch a lot of TV takes away from a movie.  In my daughter’s case, she latched onto a tiny vignette involving a cat and a mouse.

The cat is a minor antagonist who periodically chases the fairies around before being tamed/drugged with some catnip.  In the very final scene of the movie, there’s a two-second clip (literally) of the cat, wearing a crown of catnip and languidly petting a very worried-looking mouse.

We have been reenacting this scene on endless repeat for days.

It’s all Miss Mouse wants to do.  She begs Josh and me to pet her and then sets up very strict parameters for the game, reciting them each time in the same order as if I hadn’t just done this activity ten seconds ago.

“Okay, Mommy.  You pet me and purr and I’ll say – ‘Oh no!  Is the bad kitty going to eat me?’  Then I’ll pet you and you’ll say – ‘Oh no!  Is the bad kitty going to eat me?'”


We have acted out this ten-second routine so many times I have lost count.  Easily a hundred.  She never gets tired of it.  The minute we’re done, she’s ready to start again.  If I refuse her, she heads to Josh with the same request.

I’m totally bewildered.   There were roughly 90 minutes of activities in that movie, including flying, painting butterfly wings, sailing a boat, and sprinkling pixie dust around.  And this is what her brain has gotten stuck on?  Why?

Oh for a degree in child psychology.


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