Idealists Are People Too

August 20th, 2012

I talk a good game when it comes to intentional parenting.  We’re mindful about things like too much sugar and too much television.  We try to spend a lot of time outside playing and to eat real food.  When my son asked me to paint his toenails pink, I did because I don’t want to instill gender stereotypes in him already.

But sometimes, even the most committed idealist throws the rules out the window.

Yup, that’s my kids — both of them — sitting on the floor, eating pizza, and watching Toy Story 3.

We were visiting Josh’s brother for the weekend and had enjoyed a big day of playing outside, swinging, sand-boxing, sliding, climbing, swimming, splashing, jumping, and generally being silly.  What better way to end the day than movie night?

Even I couldn’t think of a reason to say no to that!

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