Manual Labor

August 2nd, 2012

Here’s a funny truth about kids: they enjoy manual labor.

I don’t know when exactly it is that kids develop ferocious allergies to all chores, but when they’re little, nothing is more fun than cleaning.*

Both my kiddos are currently enchanted by housework.  Miss Mouse loves to “help mommy” when I’m putzing around the house.  She begs to help me load laundry and push the buttons.  She asks for a sponge so she can clean the table.  She emerged from the bathroom the other day, spritz bottle in hand, and announced that she’d cleaned it.  And don’t get me started on her love of the dishwasher.

Buggie’s the same, though his chosen tool is the vacuum.  Well, the vacuum attachment.  He adores it.  His whole face lights up when he is running his vacuum over the kitchen floor.

How do I bottle their enjoyment of cleaning and save it for when they’re teenagers?  Heck, how do I capture it for myself??

*Side note: Maria Montessori figured this out a long time ago.  It’s one of the things that first intrigued me about Montessori schooling.  Many more thoughts on that to come as Miss Mouse begins her Montessori adventure later this month.


3 responses to “Manual Labor”

  1. Jenny says:

    Very funny Kate;-) I don’t have an answer, but when Claire was a teenager, she was a fantastic, if manic, cleaner. Her enthusiasm was totally financially motivated but it sure did make a good substitute for my having to discover enthusiasm of my own for the task…

  2. Papu says:

    If you figure out the way to maintain this enthusiasm into the teen years, you’ll be able to make a fortune sharing the method with everyone else.

  3. April says:

    forget it, you’ve hit the genetic fluke of josh. say thanks and give up (at least, i hope for your sake that’s what it is)

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