Saving Dough, Going Green

August 27th, 2012

What does $75 well-spent look like?  This.

That’s a big chunk of my back-to-school shopping for the kiddos (not including the awesome haul my folks picked up using their Kohl’s-sale-mojo).  I hit a big consignment sale at a local church and made out like a bandit.

I love shopping for second-hand clothes for the kiddos for two big reasons.  Number 1 — it’s cheap.  Like, really cheap.  You have to keep an eye out for quality infractions (like stains and rips), but if you find things in good shape you will save big.

Two illustrations.  I got an Old Navy wool pea coat for Buggie that retails for about $30.  My price: $5.  Likewise the Gymboree dress with leggings I picked up for Miss Mouse.  The average price for a similar outfit on their site is about $36.  I paid $4.

But it’s not just the savings that make me happy.  Buying second-hand clothes is a way of living green.  I’m “Green Around the Edges“, remember?  I’m not hard core enough to invest in all-organic clothing made out of cool fibers like bamboo or recycled pop bottles.  Not that that wouldn’t be fun.  It’s just not in the budget.  Nor do I have the energy to seek out those items.

I can, however, keep other people’s clothing from ending up in the landfill and breathe new life into used things.  And that, my friends, make Mother Nature smile.  Not to mention Mother Bank Account.  She’s happy, too.

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  1. Emily says:

    I was just about to write the same post about stuff I picked up for Madeline. :)

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