Bagel-Induced Whistfulness

September 19th, 2012

I missed Pittsburgh yesterday.

For the most part, I’ve settled in nicely to small town country life.  I like the slow pace, the gorgeous countryside, and the sound of cows mooing in the fields.  But every now and again, something makes me long for the conveniences of urban living.

Like bagels.

 stack of everything bagels [it's the salt, stupid]

photo source

Yesterday was Miss Mouse’s assigned day to be Snack Provider for her class.  Because we parents are new at this, the teacher gave specific instructions for the first round of snack-bringing and Miss Mouse was asked to bring bagels and cream cheese.

In Pittsburgh, this would have been no problem.  What kind do you prefer?  Einstein’s?  Bruegger’s?  Panera?  Got a favorite flavor?  French Toast?  Asiago Cheese?  Honey Wheat?

But none of those chains can be found around here.  So I hit the local bakery.  No bagels.  Then I went to Kroeger.  No fresh bagels.  I had to buy the pre-packaged ones they sell in the bread aisle and my choices were limited to plain and cinnamon raisin.

I was sad.

Though in the interest of full disclosure I should say that my daughter was thrilled by the cinnamon raisin bagels and I was able to buy mini ones which were probably more appropriate for the three-year-old set than the giant blueberry honkers I was envisioning.  But I still experienced a momentary (okay, couple-hour-long) pang of urban longing.

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