In which my best friend gets married and I rejoice

September 9th, 2012

I’m back!  Literally and figuratively.  I gave myself a week off from the blog while I returned to the Steel City to celebrate the marriage of my best friend.  That’s us below, fall of 1999.  We were young, bright, and utterly assured of our own fabulousness.

To borrow a few lines from my (not-too-shabby-if-I-do-say-so-myself) Maid of Honor Speech…“Every once in a while – if you’re lucky – you encounter a person with whom you form an instant connection.  You cross paths with someone and immediately a voice pipes up in your head – “That’s a kindred spirit.”

That’s Meg and me in a nutshell.  She was my maid of honor at my wedding and I was blessed to stand beside her on Saturday as she signed up for a lifetime of happiness with a really great guy.  It was a spectacular wedding so I’ll just hit a few highlights.  Five things I loved, in no particular order:

1) The kids.  Meg and Scott fearlessly invited seven children under the age of five to participate in their big day.  Little people outnumbered big people by a sizeable margin in the wedding party.  They embraced the chaos they knew would ensue and it turned out awesome.  All the kids performed their roles admirably with the exception of my son who broke ranks and headed for Nana at a dead run instead of marching along behind his sister.

2) Mason jars as glasses.  Rustic was the word of the day and the little touches were awesome.  We all got a mason jar to call our own and fill with beverages of choice.  There were also burlap runners on the tables, sprigs of fresh rosemary sprinkled about, and an array of hand-lettered chalkboards in vintage frames to set the scene.

3) My daughter’s dress.  Nana made it.  It was exquisite.  Miss Mouse let it go to her head a bit, and imperiously informed the other little girls in the wedding that her dress was prettier than theirs.  Oops.

4) Catching a Pirates game the night before the wedding, with the bride sporting a veil attached to her ball cap and a bedazzled t-shirt emblazoned with the word “BRIDE” in rhinestones.

5) Cake pops, glorious cake pops.  In lieu of a wedding cake, we dined on a divine array of sparkly cake pops and gourmet marshmallows.  Oh my.

It was a glorious day of love, laughter, and lots of good food.  Congrats to my bestie and her new hubby!


3 responses to “In which my best friend gets married and I rejoice”

  1. April says:

    yea! and many years of happiness for Meg!

  2. Jenny says:

    Wow! THAT dress. And did I spy Nana kicking’ up her heels??

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