In which we go apple picking

September 30th, 2012

It’s fall!  It’s fall!  It’s fall!

I love fall.  Maybe you’ve noticed.  Crisp days, cool nights, bright colors, pumpkin baked goods, and the smell of burning leaves.  Plus both my kids’ birthdays (and my own).  What’s not to love?

Yesterday, we met up with Aunt Meg and Uncle Scott at a nearby apple orchard for some outdoor fun and produce collection.  We had a ball.  We stomped up and down the rows of apple trees, letting the kids gleefully pluck fruit from the trees.  A lot of it was a bit dubious but I’m planning to make mostly applesauce so who cares about looks?

There were lots of kid activities, from a bouncy train to a hay bale castle to swings and slides and a sandbox.  And animals, of course!  Buggie earnestly followed several poor goats around, trying to entice them to eat the minuscule piece of goat chow he’d found on the ground.

There was a hayride around the orchard and apple cider donuts to munch on.  These happen to be among my favorite foods of all time and I’m happy to report that my morning sickness is entirely gone, allowing me to indulge my sweet tooth once more.  We tried apple cider slushies, too, which sound a bit gross but were fantastic.

I absolutely adore these types of classic fall activities.  Nothing is more fun to me than spending the day outside with my kids, engaged in some sort of autumnal festivity.  Plus, now I have  10 pounds of apples that need to become applesauce, apple pies, and — best of all — apple crisp.  Good thing I work part-time.  I have a lot of cooking to do!

3 responses to “In which we go apple picking”

  1. gmom says:

    I have got to get you the Apple Crisp recipe from Maple Crest. Waaay better than mine, darn it. It was really really crispy. Of course, having it served with home made cinnamon ice cream didn’t hurt either.

  2. K.C. says:

    Time with the family AND the BFF (& her hubby) enjoying fall fun??? Yeah, that kinda sounds unbeatable. :-)

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