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September 14th, 2012

As we’ve announced the news of the forthcoming Baby 3, many people have voiced questions about The Adoption.  After all, the last thing most of our friends (and even family!) had heard about our family plans, we were waiting patiently to be matched with an infant from Africa.

We’re still waiting.

And we’ll probably be waiting for quite some time.

Unfortunately, a number of factors have led to a huge slowdown in the adoption process for the country we are working with.  Government regulations have changed a lot in the last year — with much tighter processes and more stringent requirements being put in place — which have brought the system to a near-halt.   It’s all in the best interest of the children over there, but it’s hard on the folks waiting over here.

When we started the process back in May of 2011, we had expected to be matched with a child anytime between August of 2012 (as in, last month) and the end of this year.  Now, the soonest we might hope for a match would be the spring of 2014 with even that date extremely iffy and likely to change.

Our agency requires that any biological child be at least six months old before a family can accept an adoption referral.  Under the current timelines, the addition of a third biological baby may not even slow us down all that much!  We’re currently still committed to the adoption process but have given ourselves permission to mentally put it on the back burner for the next year while we prepare for the arrival of our new kiddo and settle in together as a family.

Thanks for your prayers!

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