A Pinterest Party with Pumpkins

October 20th, 2012

Well, I did it.  I had a birthday party for my daughter.  I’ve avoided birthday parties until this year but I knew that she wanted one to mark The Big Four.   So, we invited several families from our church and Josh’s best friend and headed to a local pumpkin patch — because we all know how much I love pumpkin patches.

That’s the great thing about Miss Mouse only being four.  I didn’t feel a huge need to consult her on the details of her party.  I let her broadly define her guest list, giving her the choice of “church friends” vs. “school friends” and pretty much did the rest.

I knew she’d have fun with what I planned and since it was an outdoor fall fete I felt totally justified in a harvest theme (rather than, say, a princess theme…).

Enter Pinterest.

I’ve never spent a huge amount of time pinning, but I wanted some inspiration on fall/Halloween edible goodies for the party so I poked around a bit.  Okay, fine, I spent multiple hours glued to my computer screen, utterly entranced by visions of pumpkin cupcakes and Oreo bat cookies.  But the results were terrific!

Exhibit A: Cupcakes in a Jar.  Love love love.  Plus, you had to eat them with a spoon which cut down on mess.

Here’s the whole spread.  Cupcakes in a jar, mummy juice boxes, frosted sugar cookies, home-made chex mix, and meat/cheese skewers on Halloween picks.  The juice boxes were a lot of work but so cute.  You wrap your juice box in white duct tape, then glue on googly eyes.

The take-home “favor” was home-made caramel apples because I’m just not a fan of sending every kiddo home with a bag of cheap toys and candy.  If I’m going to dole out sugar, it’s gonna be something snazzy.

The treats were a hit and the day was a blast.  The kids ate and frolicked and picked pumpkins and totally ignored the fact that it was 50 degrees, cloudy, and windy.   A successful first party!

2 responses to “A Pinterest Party with Pumpkins”

  1. Jen says:

    I am so very impressed. Really, I’m drooling.

    • Kate says:

      Ha ha. Thanks, Jen. I couldn’t have done it without my mother. Or if my kids hadn’t been in daycare on Friday while I feverishly made mummy juice boxes!

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