Just the Two (and a Half) of Us

October 27th, 2012

I personally believe there are two keys to a happy marriage.  The first is separate checking accounts.  (Because I am much happier *not* knowing how much money my husband spends on books.)  The second is making time to be husband and wife.  And let me give you a hint here — you can’t do it with your kids around.  They won’t let you.

Thus, Josh and I try to escape every year or so for a few days sans kiddos.  It’s usually nothing elaborate and often coincides with my being pregnant — a “babymoon” if you will.  Two years ago, we spent a couple days in Baltimore and DC and watched the Red Sox play.  This week, we drove to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for some bonding in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Happily, despite being polar opposites in many regards, my hubs and I vacation well together.  We have a very compatible “vision” for what makes a good trip: not too many plans, plenty of sleep, some culture, and a healthy dose of outside activities.

We holed up for three nights at a stunning B&B nestled into the mountains — the view was amazing.  We hiked and biked and shopped (me) and looked at fish (Josh.  Apparently the aquarium there is amazing.  It’s just fish to me.).

That’s me looking more chipper than I felt on an eleven mile bike ride we took.  Eleven miles didn’t seem that long.  But we were in the mountains.  Even in a valley, there were a lot of hills.  It was a moment when I seriously wished I was more visibly pregnant.  That way, when cars passed me struggling up the hills on foot, pushing my bike, their occupants would have thought – “Wow, that pregnant lady is tough.”  Instead, they probably thought – “Man, that chubby lady is a wuss.”

Such is life.

We left our kids in the capable hands of my parents and as far as I know, everyone had a great time.  Either that or my folks are good liars.  I’m choosing to believe the former.  I know my children had a ball.  Although they like to put on a good show of mourning when I try to extract myself from their presence, I know perfectly well that they love nothing quite so much as spending time with their grandparents.  Miss Mouse summed it up nicely when we came home — “We had dessert every night, mom!

Next summer, Josh will have to spend a few days in Orlando on church business.  I am planning to join him.  It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to keep him company at Harry Potter World.

2 responses to “Just the Two (and a Half) of Us”

  1. Doris says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Even after 25 years, we still try to take that time for each other–and with our 20-somethings, it still feels like an escape. Last month we spent a night in Monroeville, less than 25 miles from home, because Jay had a karate test early–lovely suite in a hotel near the karate school to sleep late in while he tested! This month, our long awaited 25th anniversary get away to Orlando. AWESOME! So keep doing what you’re doing–oh and by the way, the seperate accounts work for us too:)

  2. April says:

    That’s great and Gatlinburg is pretty.

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