The Tale of Pinkie

October 14th, 2012

When we moved to Kentucky, we helped sweeten the deal for Miss Mouse by holding out the promise of a brand-new Big Girl Bike.  No more tricycles — this girl was headed for a two-wheeler (okay, more of a four-wheeler when you factor in the training wheels).

The bike was a huge hit.  It  had streamers.  And a basket for her baby doll.  And it was pink.  Very pink.

Miss Mouse named her bike Pinkie — in honor of her beloved Nana’s bike, which is named Pinkie Burkette — and took off.  I shot this video of her at the beginning of the summer…


…Unfortunately, several days after this video was taken, Miss Mouse took a header into the pile of bricks you may have noticed lurking at the edge of our driveway.  I didn’t see it but she apparently flipped over the handlebars.

She wasn’t hurt, but her affection for the bike dissipated immediately.  For the rest of the summer, she rebuffed all efforts to get her to saddle up once more and I finally stopped pushing.

Then, about a month ago, something interesting happened.  Miss Mouse came across the video I’d taken and started requesting to watch it. (As part of our morning routine, the kids watch a couple home videos while I do Miss Mouse’s hair.)  After about a week of regular viewing, she asked to ride Pinkie.

She was nervous and tentative.  It took her a couple weeks to get back to where she was at the start of the summer, but now she’s riding again with more confidence than ever.  I’m intrigued by the fact that it was watching herself ride it that gave her the oomph to get back on.  There’s something deep and philosophical going on there related to inner strength and self-motivation.  Or else she just remembered how awesome her bike was.  Either way, she’s off and pedaling once more!

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  1. G'Mom says:

    Go Miss Mouse and Pinkie! I don’t think I’d seen this video – she looked pretty good even early on! When she gets big, I’ll let her ride Pinkie Burkette – maybe.

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