A Buggie and a Baby – Face to Face

November 23rd, 2012

This post is alternately titled: “In which my fears that my son would bludgeon his new baby cousin prove to be unfounded.

We traveled to West Virginia for turkey day festivities with Josh’s family.  The highlight of the trip was meeting my new niece, whom I shall refer to here as Adorably Chunky Monkey.  Josh’s middle sister had a daughter in July and this was our first chance to meet the beautiful wee ham hock.  (As you might guess, she’s one of those deliciously chubby babies with cheerful jowls and impressive thigh rolls.)

I was delighted at the prospect of some baby puja, but was a bit concerned about how my son would react to mommy snuggling with a baby.  Miss Mouse’s first response to just such a scene while I was pregnant with Buggie was one of deep suspicion.  Given Buggie’s more…ahem…physical tendencies, I worried he might bonk his cousin the first time I picked her up.

Silly me.

Buggie fell madly in love with his baby cousin the moment he saw her.  He held her hands and stroked her face and planted many open-mouthed slobbery kisses on those chubby cheeks.  Her mother was admirably patient with him and for that I bless her!

Miss Mouse was also smitten, as I knew she would be.  She loves to play mother hen to her little brother so having a genuine baby around was bliss.  Each time her cousin cried, Miss Mouse would dart over and coo — “Don’t cry.  Don’t cry.  Big sister is here.”  It was pretty fabulous.

While I’m certain there will still be a settling-in period for my kids when their little sister arrives, I”m hoping these last few days have been a preview of the love fest to come!

3 responses to “A Buggie and a Baby – Face to Face”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Buggie is a sweet little boy in spite of his “physical tendencies”, and Miss Mouse is a caring, nurturing little girl in spite of her habit of whining at small indignities. Of course they’ll be fine with their baby sister. I’m looking forward to the day!

  2. Jen says:

    Um, and could we see a picture of Mama’s big belly sometime in the months to come? :)

    I like the alternative title… it has a Winnie-the-Pooh ring to it except, of course, the presence of the word “bludgeon”.

    • Kate says:

      Ha ha ha. That one made me laugh out loud. You’re, right though. I’m heavily influenced by the silly old bear but I don’t believe Pooh ever uttered the word “bludgeon.”

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