Cheerio Bird Feeders

November 11th, 2012

With the weather cooling and the skies darkening at an alarmingly early hour, our evening routine is shifting a bit.  For the past month, the kids have spent the early hours of the evening playing outside.  They ride bikes, jump in the leaves, and (as of this week!) play on our awesome new swingset.  But that’s getting harder as winter starts whispering, so I’ve been looking for more inside activities.

Recently, we made Cheerio bird feeders together after dinner.  I got the idea from our church holiday bazaar and it’s super easy.  You just need pipe cleaners and Cheerios (Honey Nut would be especially good).  Twist one end of a pipe cleaner into a small loop to keep things from sliding off, then string Cheerios onto the pipe cleaner.

When you’ve got a goodly number on, thread the other end of the pipe cleaner through the loop and bend the tip.  Voila!  A bird feeder, ready to hang in the trees.

I often struggle to find craft projects that work with both my age brackets.  Buggie is only starting to have the patience and hand-eye coordination for most crafts, but he had a good time with this one.  With a little help from mom to steady the pipe cleaner, he enjoyed putting Cheerios on.

Of course, when left alone for a few minutes, he proceeded to eat his bird feeder.  Oh well.

Miss Mouse had a blast and quickly produced half a dozen feeders on different colored pipe cleaners.  We hung them in our backyard and look forward to watching them disappear!

3 responses to “Cheerio Bird Feeders”

  1. Sue Sutton says:

    I laughed out loud at the pic of sweet son devouring his bird feeder! How high did you hang the ones you put outside?!?

  2. […] long ago, my kids and I did a bird-feeder-making craft project involving Cheerios and pipe cleaners.  It was a great afternoon activity and we had lots of fun. […]

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