You Want What for Christmas?

November 29th, 2012

This year, for the first time, Miss Mouse made a list for Santa.  It included: a Belle doll, an Ariel doll, a Barbie, and a Castle.

Why do you hate me, child?  What on earth am I supposed to do with that list?

I took a deep breath, made noncommittal noises, and began planning my strategy.  The castle was actually easy.  Although the castle currently marketed by Fisher Price is pepto-bismal pink and populated by odd Little People Disney princesses, a few years back they made a great gender neutral castle.  I picked one up on Ebay and it’ll be a joint present to both kiddos.  They’ll love it.

The dolls were harder.  As we know, I have misgivings about Disney princesses and we’ve got a blanket ban on Barbie in this house.  I did some searching and found a number of dolls that were more in-line with my values and preferences.  Nice Waldorfian creations with sweet faces and sensible clothing…

…but the more I contemplated those dolls, the less good I felt about buying them because I knew in my heart they weren’t what my daughter wanted.

I’m trying to walk that line between giving in to my child’s every whim and forcing my worldview on her with a heavy hand.  Christmas presents should bring joy, and the thought of her being disappointed in her gifts had me very worried.

I did realize, though, that Miss Mouse isn’t always precise in her requests.  After some gentle probing, it became clear that she isn’t brand conscious yet and “Barbie” was a catch-all term for a number of dolls.  To get a clearer picture of what she wanted, I created a page of doll mug shots and asked her to pick out the ones she liked best.

Somewhat to my surprise, she picked the La La Loopsy dolls (top left and middle right) with their abstract features and wonky hair.  Who knew?  But I was more than happy to pick one up for her.

And, because I love her dearly, I also bought a Snow White barbie-esqe doll that will go in her stocking.  That way I can pretend it came from Santa and not me, thereby preserving to some extent my moral high ground.

6 responses to “You Want What for Christmas?”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Oh you clever woman, you. Snow White from Santa! Nice.

  2. K.C. says:

    I’m not a doll fan, but if Miss Mouse is, the American Girl line of dolls with accompanying books is actually pretty nice. Expensive and over-accessorized, but nice — the stories are pretty educational, in most instances.

    • Kate says:

      Thanks, KC. I had several American Girl dolls as a child and LOVED them. I think Miss Mouse isn’t quite old enough to fully appreciate them but as soon as she is, I’m getting her one!

  3. Jen says:

    “I’m trying to walk that line between giving in to my child’s every whim and forcing my worldview on her with a heavy hand. ”

    Thank you for giving me the words for this! And the doll mug shot page–brilliant.

  4. Emily says:

    Thank you for arming me with ideas for Madeline in 3 years. You may justwant to make an archive that says “Hey Emily, remember this!” I think you are doing a perfectly good job of walking the fine line.

  5. Cindi Frye says:

    I never cared for the Barbies as eventually everyone would end up naked. (the dolls,lol) As I recall, which may or may not be accurate, I didn’t buy any, nor did my girls have any.

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