Felt Christmas Tree Craft

December 6th, 2012

My kids loved decorating our Christmas tree.  They loved it so much that they now want to un-decorate it on a daily basis so they can put the ornaments back on.

In a (vain) attempt to stave off this impulse, I created a felt Christmas tree for the kids to decorate with felt ornaments.

I found the idea  on another website and have long been wanting to try a felt activity.  Many mommy bloggers rave about the endless potential of felt-based crafts and I’ll admit: I’m totally smitten.

I cut a large Christmas tree out of green felt and stuck it to our wall.  The Velcro 3M hooks work well – the little teeth grab the felt.  (Let us ignore for the purposes of this pose how homely the tree is.  I am many things, but an artist is not one of them.)

Then I made a bunch of felt Christmas ornaments using heat-n-bond to adhere bling (next time I’ll try hot glue, though).  The kids are now free to ‘decorate’ their tree to their little hearts’ content.

If we measure the success of the activity by the sanctity of our big tree…it was a total bomb. They still love the “real” tree.  But, if we measure the felt tree by the amount of enthusiasm the kids have for it…it was a huge success!

They love it and I’m already planning other felt activities for other seasons (a snowman with accessories, a “garden” with butterflies and flowers, a pumpkin with face components, etc.).   I think that spot in our house may be the designated Felt Wall from here on out!

7 responses to “Felt Christmas Tree Craft”

  1. Debbie says:

    I love the felt tree and had to be firm with myself to not make one for Kendall! As soon as I think the ‘decorations’ if the holiday will go on the heart, rabbit, garden, etc instead if into her mouth, I am borrowing your ideas for the other felt hangings!

    • Kate says:

      She’ll love it. I think Buggie was definitely old enough and would probably have been ready a few months ago. The nice thing about felt – especially if you use large pieces – is that it can go in a mouth (temporarily of course!) without much danger!

  2. Jo Burkhalter says:

    Felt tree is great — and so is the picture. Get Roo or Larry to teach you how to draw a tree! xxoo Aunt Jo

  3. Jenny says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. You get 10 for effort and another 10 for concept:-)

  4. Cindi Frye says:

    Felt was the best for sunday school activities.

  5. […] by the felt Christmas tree that I made for the kids around the holidays, I decided to try branching out into additional felt […]

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