Freezer Cooking When You’re Busy

December 5th, 2012

It’s the holidays.  Life is crazy.  The last thing you’re probably thinking about is cooking even MORE food to stash in your freezer.

But remember: some recipes are super easy to double.  Or triple.  Or quadruple.

Like meatloaf.

It doesn’t take anywhere near twice as long to make two meatloaves instead of one.  Yesterday, I whipped up four pounds of meatloaf goodness.  I make mine free-form and a one-pound loaf is just right for our family to eat and have a bit left-over.  So I shaped up four loaves, baked one, and tucked three into the freezer for later.

Making the extra loaves probably took no more than 10 minutes of extra time and now I have three dinners socked away for later this winter.

I also made extra mashed potatoes and froze two family-sized servings for later.  I haven’t tried that before, but have read they do pretty well in the freezer.  I spread the spuds in a greased square cake pan and will bake them along with the meatloaves for some future dinner.

Happy cooking and stay sane!

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