Transitioning from Nap Time to Quiet Time

December 16th, 2012

Shortly after we moved to SmallTownUSA this summer, I realized the clock was ticking on Miss Mouse’s nap time.  Really, we’re fortunate that she remained a good napper as long as she did.  I have friends whose children gave up their naps by the time they were two.  It’s a horrifying thought.

But at four, I noticed Miss Mouse’s naps were getting shorter and shorter.  I’d tuck her in and give her a kiss only to hear the ominous pitter patter of little feet thirty minutes later.

I didn’t want to give up on nap time because I really think everyone needs some down time – and that includes me!  So we made the transition to “quiet time” for Miss Mouse.

The premise is simple.  I cannot make her sleep and so I don’t try to force that issue.  What I can enforce is a period of quiet, solitary play time.  Miss Mouse is expected to spend an hour and a half by herself in our bedroom in the afternoon.

We have a small digital clock that we use to help her mark the time.  She’s not solid on the complexities of telling time yet, so I always set the clock to 1:30pm and she knows she can come down at 3:00.

During Quiet Time, Miss Mouse doesn’t have to sleep.  We keep a small supply of activities for her and she can read, do puzzles, or play with a few dolls.  As long as I can’t hear her, she’s clear.  Most of the time, she conks out for at least a little while.

This down time is good for everyone’s sanity and there’s no reason it can’t continue indefinitely, now that she knows the routine.

One response to “Transitioning from Nap Time to Quiet Time”

  1. Cindi Frye says:

    yup, great idea. When I was home schooling, every single one of us had to have a quiet time. At one time that was 6 or 7 of us.

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