A Tale of Two Tinkerbells

January 13th, 2013

I know that it is impossible to have perfect equality in my parenting of multiple children.  You love them both and you try to stay as even-keeled as possible, but trying to keep everything exactly equitable leads to insanity.  Sometimes, someone’s going to have more chocolate milk in their cup.  And that’s just how it is.

That being said, I recently broke down and bought a duplicate toy because Buggie was coveting one of his sister’s with fierce desperation and Miss Mouse was never particularly keen on sharing it.

That’s right.  I bought Buggie his own Tinkerbell doll.

What can I say?  My boy loves Tink.  When we decorated the Christmas tree this year, he declared all of the angels to be Tinkerbell.  He adores the Tinkerbell movies we watch and routinely swipes his big sister’s Tinkerbell hat.

So we (and yes, my husband supported this plan) decided that he “needed” a doll of his own, since the squabbles with Miss Mouse over her figurine were becoming more than I felt like dealing with.

I bought a slightly different version of the wee fairy, which may have been a mistake since now they’re not interchangeable.  Miss Mouse, in a classic Big Sister move, immediately commandeered the new toy, magnanimously declaring that Buggie could have her old one.  I was going to intervene in the name of fairness, but it turned out that Buggie couldn’t have cared less.  He is just thrilled to have his very own winged lady to cart around the house.

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