Bouncing on the Big Boy Bed

January 10th, 2013

Buggie’s big Christmas gift was a much-anticipated Big Boy Bed.

It’s been fascinating to see his reaction to the toddler bed.  Or perhaps more accurately, his reaction to the realization that he is no longer confined in his bed at night.  It will probably come as no surprise when I share with you that my little man enjoys his new freedom.

Bedtime with Buggie is so different than with Miss Mouse.  She always bargained for more mom time.  She wheedled, cajoled, whined, and pleaded.  It was like negotiating with a bedtime terrorist.   She knew just which buttons to push, and prodded them with amazing dexterity.  There were nights when I would literally have to stand outside her door, holding it shut while she shrieked and wailed on the other side.  It wasn’t pretty.

Buggie doesn’t take bedtime quite so seriously.  After our Mommy Time and a few stories, I announce that it’s bedtime and turn off the light.

He giggles.  And runs around his room in circles.  And bounces on the bed.  Then gets up to flick his nightlight on and off.  When I tried to sit by his bed, calmly rubbing his back and making sleep-inducing noises, he looked me in the eye and said — “Mommy, GO!

So I went.

Some nights I’ll hear him “reading” to himself in bed.  Strains of Brown Bear, Brown Bear will waft from the baby monitor — “Purple cat…see?”  Other times, he’ll bang toys on the wall for a bit.  Or engage in some spirited Irish dancing (or so it sounds).  But most nights, he settles down by himself and by the time Miss Mouse comes to bed thirty minutes later, he’s asleep in his bed.

Occasionally, he’ll get a bit too wild — running out of his room to stand at the top of the stairs and yodel at me, for example — and Josh will have to go up and give him the Stern Daddy Look which, somehow, sends him straight to be.  I apparently do not have a Stern Mommy Look because this never works for me.

But all in all, our boy is content to settle himself in for the night.  I know many parents whose children require complicated bedtime routines — like having mommy or daddy lie in their bed until they fall asleep — and I am very grateful for Buggie’s bedtime independence.

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  1. Cindi Frye says:

    what a sweet tale of bedtime. Thanks for sharing.

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