Capturing the Essence of a Fairy

January 24th, 2013

Miss Mouse drew this picture for me earlier this week:

In case you can’t immediately tell, it’s several of the fairies from the Disney Fairies crew.  And while I say that jokingly, when I looked more closely, I realized she actually did a really good job of identifying the key physical characteristics of some of the fairies and trying to reproduce them.

The four main fairies represented in Miss Mouse’s drawing were Vidia, Silvermist, Faun, and Tink herself.   You can see them all below  (Vidia on the far left, Tink in green, with black-haired Silvermist and brown-haired Faun to the right of her).

In Miss Mouse’s picture, Tinkerbell is the largest figure — note the green wings and green shoes.  Vidia is depicted in the upper right of the page with big purple hair, while Silvermist is awash in blue.  The one with the springy thing coming out of her head is Faun, of course.  Her signature hair style is an extremely long ponytail braid.  The circular appendages that tend to look like ears are the lovely ladies’ wings.

I won’t lie.  If I tried to draw the Pixie Hollow gang, I doubt I’d do much better than Miss Mouse did!

2 responses to “Capturing the Essence of a Fairy”

  1. Mandi says:

    Who ARE these fairies? I’ve never even heard of any of them…except Tink, of course. Because she’s older than me and I was a child when I met her.

  2. […] you may have guessed from recent posts about Miss Mouse’s artwork and my kids’ favorite playthings at the moment, my kids like Tinkerbell.  A lot.  There was […]

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