How to Work from Home with a Kid Home Sick

January 16th, 2013

Buggie has been running a fever off and on since Sunday night.  He’s banned from daycare and has been home with me.  It’s led me to ponder the question of: how do you work from home when your kid is home sick?

You don’t.

Seriously!  I do not understand how work-at-home moms manage to accomplish anything.  I manage to sneak a couple hours in while Buggie naps, and if I’m lucky, I can clock up to an hour while he’s watching a movie.  But that’s about it.

When the fever is down, he’s bouncing off the walls and wanting me to play with him.  I tried bringing my computer into the living room, to sit on the couch while he played.  He managed to reboot it twice within 10 minutes but popping up at my side and pushing buttons.

Then when the fever goes up, he looks like this:

And then he needs love and snuggles and I need to capitalize on his willingness to accept both.

Which is why, instead of posting anything further, I shall now be turning my attention to the grant writing and database updates that I didn’t have a chance to do earlier today.  Cheerio.

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