Phase Three: Putting Down Roots

January 31st, 2013

As I look back through my (weak excuse for a) journal, I realized that almost exactly a year ago, we were gearing up to visit a tiny town in Kentucky to meet a church that had already won our hearts.  We’ve been settling in now for about nine months and it feels like we’ve been here forever.

The first phase of the new move was really all about settling in.  Getting unpacked.  Finding the grocery store in the next town over.  Trying desperately to learn the complicated kinship web that flows through our church.  (Still working on that last one!)  The nuts and bolts of new life.

Phase two saw me expanding my world a bit into the community.  We enrolled the kids in daycare and I fell in love with Montessori education.  I found a local coffee shop to work from, and attended a few meetings of a local women’s club.  We got into a great rhythm of inviting church friends over for dinner and started to form real connections with our new faith family.

Now I feel like we’re moving into Phase Three — putting down roots.  I’ve got my bearings and I’m starting to crinkle my toes into the earthen core of this community, making it mine.

I had lunch today at a little place in the next town over and ran into a friend — and not even a church member! — and I almost felt like a local.

We’re signing Miss Mouse up for preschool soccer, coordinating it with a friend from church so our daughters can play together.

I spent an amiable afternoon this week knitting and chatting over tea in my living room with a lovely lady from my adult Sunday school class.

I sent in a deposit to participate in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) of a local organic farm and I’m eyeing my backyard with visions of a small garden plot this summer.

At the PTO meeting of Miss Mouse’s school next week, I’ll be throwing my hat in the ring to be on the Board.

I’ve claimed this new place — SmallTownUSA — for my own, and for my family.  It’s good to be here.


3 responses to “Phase Three: Putting Down Roots”

  1. Debbie A. says:

    We’re certainly glad you’re here, Kate. You and all your family are such a blessing to our church and community. Enjoyed our afternoon of knitting, tea and conversation.

  2. Emily says:

    I confess that even after 2 years in our new town we are still working on Phase 3. We absolutely love our town but the Phase 3 seems to be the hard one. Good for you for starting to settle in. :)

    • Kate says:

      This is the first time I’ve really had to forge connections without some being built for me (like in college and seminary). It’s a much different experience. Having kids helps, as I’m sure you’re discovering! I have no idea what it would be like to move to a new place without having that mom network to tap into.

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