The Monster in the Potty

January 29th, 2013

Miss Mouse was pretty easy to potty train.  She wore cloth diapers and maybe that helped her to really feel when she was wet.  In any case, by the time we gave her big girl undies for Christmas the year she turned two, she was pretty much ready to wear them.  A month or so later, and the diapers were gone (except at night – that took a while).

Buggie uses potty training as an opportunity to demonstrate his independence and spirit.

The parents in the audience will rightly translate that as: Whenever Mommy asks if he wants to sit on the potty, she is met by a defiant glare, a shout of – no! – and the sight of her son running in the opposite direction.

Oh, he gets it all right.  He knows what the potty is for and what his role is.  And when he’s feeling like it, he’ll cheerfully squeeze out a few drops at a moment’s notice, if it means there’s an M&M in it for him.  (How do boys do that?)

Lucky for me, Josh has better luck.  He and Buggie recently cooked up the idea that there’s a monster in the potty.  Not a scary monster, mind you.  Just a regular monster.  And what do you do with a monster in the potty?

That’s right.  You pee on it.  They both get very excited at both the prospect and successful accomplishment of this action.


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