When three letter words make your heart sing

January 7th, 2013

I knew that the process of learning to read would be exciting for Miss Mouse, but I didn’t realize I’d get such a vicarious thrill out of it.

At the suggestion of Miss Mouse’s teacher, she and I have begun (almost) nightly reading lessons using a book recommended by said teacher.  It’s called Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and is basically a modified phonics program.  It uses a methodology called DISTAR  and uses a variety of activities — from sound repetition to writing to sight reading — to introduce the concept of reading.

It took a few attempts to get Miss Mouse interested.  I think she balked because the first few lessons were too easy for her.  She’s known her alphabet for ages and the introductory lessons didn’t capture her attention.

But then I introduced a “reading chart” to measure our progress.  Each time we complete a lesson, she puts a sticker on the chart.  After 10 stickers, she gets a new book.  By the time we’re through, she’ll have ten new books and will (theoretically) be reading them herself.  Seemed like a good deal to me!

Between the promise of new books and foraying into slightly more difficult lessons, Miss Mouse is on a roll.  She actually reminds me each night that it’s time for us to read together.  It’s an activity we save for after Buggie is in bed and it’s special mommy-daughter time (which she treasures).

Last night, she sounded out her first solo word – “mat” – and I darn near cried.  Books are such a huge part of our world and I am thrilled that she’ll be able to explore them on her own soon.

9 responses to “When three letter words make your heart sing”

  1. K.C. says:

    That is thrilling! Congratulations, Miss Mouse (and Mommy)!

  2. K.C. says:

    That is thrilling! Congratulations, Miss Mouse (and Mommy)!

  3. G'Mom says:

    Go Miss Mouse!! And go you – it takes patience to do these lessons.

  4. G'Mom says:

    Go Miss Mouse!! And go you – it takes patience to do these lessons.

  5. Cindi Frye says:

    That book is kind of like the Bible of home schooling. Congrats, at any rate!!

    • Kate says:

      Cindi that is fascinating! I didn’t really have any sense of how well-known the book was. We’re certainly finding it to be extremely valuable.

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  7. […] weeks ago, I posted about my joy in seeing Miss Mouse begin the journey towards reading.  She’s been working very hard since then and I am blown away from her progress. […]

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