Pregnant and Pampered

February 22nd, 2013

The heck with fancy cars, expensive houses, and swanky clothing.  The day I win the lottery, I’m scheduling a weekly date with a talented masseuse.

I love a good massage.  Touch is definitely one of my love languages and few things are more soothing and luxurious than a massage.  My mom gifted me one at a cool pregnancy-focused spa in Lexington and I cashed it in this morning.


I wasn’t quite sure how the whole thing would work, given my girth, but they’re pros at this place.  And no, the table doesn’t have a hole in it — though I did wonder if it might!  Baby3 gave a couple anticipatory kicks but then was very chill for the whole hour.  I think it lulled her to sleep, which I appreciated because her movements these days aren’t always comfortable for me!

After my massage, I continued my “date with myself” by grabbing lunch at a Thai restaurant I’d been wanting to try.  My Nook kept me company through crab rangoon and pad see ew, then we popped into Starbucks for an iced chai.  If you don’t know, I’m a Starbucks Chai Fiend (and yes, it has to be Starbucks to be perfect.  And yes, I CAN tell the difference), but there aren’t any in the nearby towns so my intake has dropped off noticeably since the move.  Having one now is a serious treat.

My due date is looming three weeks from Monday and this was the perfect lazy, self-indulgent afternoon to enjoy before the crazy hits in a few weeks!

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  1. Jenny says:

    Go you, Kate! I know that Trevor, for one, shares your definition of luxury. He’s a massage addict.

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