The Dark Side of Pinterest

February 8th, 2013

Confession time.  I spent just shy of $40 on supplies for my kids’ Valentines this year.

Yes.  Yes, I did.

I blame Pinterest.  There’s a dark side to that oh-so-inspiring bastion of all things creative.  It turns out that buying all the needed supplies to make the adorable things you see on Pinterest really adds up.

I picked two projects to do this year — one for Miss Mouse and one for Buggie.  My girl and I opted to do a variation on the recycled star crayons we made at Christmas, this time featuring hearts.  We’d melt down a bunch of crayons, stick them on cardstock with a little Valentine greeting and — voila!

But somehow green or blue hearts just didn’t seem right for Valentine’s Day.  I wanted red and white and pink.  I’d already ransacked my existing crayon stash at the holidays so I ordered packs of single-color crayons from an art supply company.  With shipping, it set me back $25.  Which is nuts.

Then I also forked over another $5 for a heart-shaped silicon cupcake mold.  Grand total: $30.

I knew it was extravagant while I placed the orders, but it was too late.  I could see the finished product in my mind’s eye and it was way cute.  I couldn’t turn back now.

And they really are cute.  See?

Between church and school and a few other random folks, Miss Mouse and I made 35 crayon heart valentines, so the net cost was a little under $1 a piece.  I know I could have bought that many princess valentines at the dollar store for $1 total, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I have attitude about mass-produced commercial valentines and I genuinely enjoy making them with the kiddos.

Buggie’s matchbook sticker valentines were far more cost effective.  (I used this downloadable template.)  I spent $4.25 on stickers and about $3 on card stock and had plenty of supplies to make 50+ valentines.

Both ideas came from Pinterest so it was a good lesson in “doing the math before setting your heart on a craft project!”


5 responses to “The Dark Side of Pinterest”

  1. Karol says:

    Come visit me in Amish country, and buy candle making wax for pennies. (I THINK they sell pink :)

  2. Mandi says:

    Totally stealing your printable template. Thanks!!!

    ps – I still want to be you when I grow up. <3

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