A Leafy Bower

March 2nd, 2013

When our wee girl arrives home, she’ll be sleeping in a leafy bower.  Or at least it will seem that way, as her crib will be nestled into an alcove, the walls of which are adorned with a gorgeous willow tree mural.  Behold:

Willow's Mural

The mural was a gift from an extremely talented church member and is just lovely.  (My favorite part is the little raccoon face peeping out from the base of the tree.)

Rather than having a whole separate nursery this time around, Baby3 will be sleeping in our master bedroom.  The dormer window lends itself nicely to being a small person’s abode.  Since the room was already mostly decorated, we thought the mural would make that corner of the room feel like it belonged to the baby.

And we were right!  We have a sheer curtain hung across the end of the dormer and a mini-crib tucked back under the window.  The tree rises up around the crib, with the branches swaying just above the top.  If that’s not peaceful, I don’t know what is.

Here’s hoping her bedroom arrangements will lead Baby3 to be a calm and serene sleeper.  We can hope, right?

2 responses to “A Leafy Bower”

  1. Papu says:

    Yes, but remember, it is just hope :)

  2. Debbie A. says:

    The mural is just beautiful. Oh, to be that talented!!!

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