Cheerleader for Spinach

March 11th, 2013

Another thing about kids and vegetables is that sometimes you just need a good champion.

The other night, my best friend was over for dinner with her husband.  I set her to work stemming fresh spinach that was destined for a Florentine mac & cheese recipe.  The kids decided to help and when I poked my head in, all of them were enthusiastically munching on the discarded spinach stems.

Spinach with Meg

It turns out Meg was raving about how yummy they were, regularly popping them into her mouth.  So the kids did likewise.

It’s amazing what a good role model can do!

(As a side note: Buggie ate the cooked spinach in his pasta well but Miss Mouse studiously picked hers out.  Oh well.  At least she ate some before dinner!)

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