Eating Excess Chocolate Before It’s Too Late

March 5th, 2013

One of the first things you’ll read in many of the (endless) Manuals for Expectant Parents is this bit of stern advice: Being pregnant is not an excuse to eat anything you want for nine months.

To which I reply with a hearty and heart-felt — Yeah Right.

I’m literally days away from the end of what will probably be my last pregnancy and let me tell you right now, I’m making the most of it.  I had a crispy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s for lunch.  With fries.  And a Cadbury Cream Egg.  I’ll probably have another (egg, not sandwich!) later today.

Because you know what?  This may very well be the last time In My Life when I don’t have to be thinking too much about what I eat.

To be fair, I do make some dietary adjustments while I’m pregnant.  I take my prenatal vitamins, reduce my caffeine intake to virtually zero, microwave my lunch meat, and steer clear of soft cheeses.  But otherwise, I pretty much eat what sounds good to me.

When I got pregnant with Miss Mouse, I initially attempted to be Super Healthy Pregnant Lady.  I actually had little charts created with all the various food groups and types I was supposed to be consuming each day.  I bought a book on Eating Well While You’re Expecting which informed me that my child would probably be just a little bit dumb if I didn’t follow the chart.  (Okay, it didn’t say that, but it implied it.)

I kept up the regimen for a few weeks…and then it just wasn’t worth it.  Oreo milkshakes seemed like a much better idea and I’ll tell you what — I don’t think my daughter suffered for it.

I’m thirty-one years old which means that time is not on my side when it comes to weight watching.  From here on out, just maintaining a reasonable size will become a harder and harder task.  I get that.  Which is why I was determined to enjoy myself this pregnancy.  Sure, I know that whatever I gain will have to come off again, but I managed to lose all the weight I put on with my previous two pregnancies so I’m confident I can do it again.

Let me be clear — I haven’t lived on fast food for the past nine months.  I eat my veggies and cook 85% of our dinners from scratch.  But I also indulge my sweet tooth and rarely say no to seconds (or thirds) if something tastes good.

A year from now, I probably won’t have the luxury of idly munching half a bag of chocolate chips while sitting at my computer.  At least not without noticeable scale-related repercussions.  But for now?  Excuse me while I go eat a potato chip.

9 responses to “Eating Excess Chocolate Before It’s Too Late”

  1. Debbie A. says:

    Enjoy, Kate!! Also, you can only get the Cadbury eggs during the Easter season. That seems reason enough to indulge.

    • Kate says:

      Excellent point. And since Cadburry Eggs are the best candy/chocolate in the world, one must capitalize on their availability.

  2. Debbie says:

    My oldest has to be at least 33 1/3 % Baskin Robins Banana Royales! And, yes, I did use the ‘at least it has a fruit’ reason!!!

    • Kate says:

      Yes! Fruit! I remember my doc telling me with Miss Mouse that, particularly at the beginning when you’re so ill, even getting a piece of lettuce onto the BigMac should be considered a victory!

  3. Jenny says:

    I’m biting my tongue! But I may not be able to resist renewing your subscription to “Nutrition Newsletter”. Death to the “food industry” I say. And vive real food;-)

    • Kate says:

      I just got the latest edition in my mail yesterday. I love reading it — particularly the little snippet at the end where they condemn “food porn.” It’s great. We’re working on real food. You should have heard me trying to explain to Miss Mouse that, contrary to the picture on the box, Kix Cereal does not actually grow from the ground as little crunchy balls…

      • Jenny says:

        And lest you think I am posing as purer than driven broccoli, I too am a Cadbury fan — although, did you know, the EEC has determined that Cadburys is not “real” chocolate. And, actually, to be fair to the bureaucrats of Brussels, it is way under the 70% that now makes chocolate a health food (almost!).


  4. Emily says:

    Yes, yes, and yes. Live it up, lady! I made the charts and took my prenatals and measured out grams of protein, and by the last month I was eating Oreos by the bag. Madeline was a perfectly plump 7 lbs even. I totally give credit to the Oreos.

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