In which I sometimes Photoshop our lives and that’s okay

March 9th, 2013

There’s a blog post that was making the rounds on Facebook recently.  A mommy blogger wrote a manifesto for being more “open” and “honest” about their lives.  She suggested that Facebook status updates are a form of well-meaning lies wherein we all pretend that our kids are well-behaved, our days are sunny, and we spend all our free time as parents engaged in meaningful and environmentally-friendly craft projects with our children.  We all know that the reality of our lives isn’t quite so gorgeous, but we often represent it that way online.

I get where she’s coming from, but as I’ve thought about it, I realized that choosing to focus on the positive parts of your day/week/life really isn’t such a horrible thing.

One of the reasons that I blog is it’s cheap therapy.  It’s a chance to vent when I need to, sure, but most of the time I do try to put a positive spin on things.  I see it as finding the silver lining.  And that’s a good thing, to me.

Let’s take today for example.  We had a big day.  My folks and I took the kids to the library, then walked over to an indoor farmer’s market before hitting the new Wild West exhibit at the Community Arts Center.  After naps, we all headed out into the sunshine where my dad assembled a new tricycle for Buggie while Miss Mouse and my mom engaged in stick sword fights.  Then we all rolled around in the grass for a while.

It looked something like this, in my mind:

March Day Collage

Were there moments of yuck? Of course.  Miss Mouse threw a fit in the car.  Buggie ran screaming through the library foyer.  At least one child got hit with a stick wielded by the other.  Buggie bonked me in the head with a rock.  Neither child ate a great dinner.

But so what?  Are those the important elements of my day?  No, they aren’t.  And if I thought they were, I’d probably be a lot less content with my life than I am.  So bring on the rose-colored glasses.  Life is beautiful.

2 responses to “In which I sometimes Photoshop our lives and that’s okay”

  1. Jen says:

    You’re right (of course!) Kate. I think that blogging does help me process things in a positive way, even if I am also honest about the messes, confusions and yucky corners. Putting my thoughts out there in a (semi) coherent way provides motivation to try and see the big picture, to try to be thankful, to try and find the hope. This could go too far and become fake I suppose… the tension here is part of the process.

  2. Jenny says:

    I agree. We can’t change what happened but we can choose to take away from it the parts that matter. Besides, I think you have found a good balance on your blog. I always find it worth reading and I am certain that your readers who have small children find what you say thought-provoking and supportive.

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